Virtual Set-Up Top Tips

Virtual Set-Up <br>Top Tips

Virtual Set-Up Top Tips


We are now living in a virtual world, filled with Zoom calls, WebEx meetings, pitches on Microsoft Teams and catch-ups on Google Meets. These platforms and many others have crept into our homes and offices and it would seem they are here to stay.


That is why it’s essential for you to make sure you’re as comfortable and knowledgeable on these platforms as possible, in order to put your best foot forward.


For those looking to embrace their virtual potential, here are a few top tips for your set up.




  1. Find a space that is private, quiet and has a plain background.


  1. Set up your laptop on a stand or a desk, so that it is facing your neutral background.


  1. If you can’t find a plain background use the “blur background” or “virtual background” function. We don’t want our dogs, cats, clothes or photographs to be a distraction.


  1. When you set up your laptop, make sure the camera on your laptop is at eye-level, not below you.


  1. Think about where your lighting is coming from. It should be in front of you. Halo lights are helpful for this. Setting up with a window behind you is a big “no, no.”


  1. Your image on the screen should frame your head and shoulders like a passport photo. If you’re too far from the camera, it will make your audience feel less connected to you.


  1. Eye contact is KEY! Make sure when you are talking you are not looking at yourself or the other people on the call. You must look at the camera!


  1. Be mindful of microphones, because they can have lots of noise disturbance. Make sure you test your sound to double check you are coming across clearly.


  1. CHECK THE TECH. Make sure to log on early and check all your technology is working well and you are feeling very comfortable using the functionalities, such as share screen.


  1. Finally, whenever possible always have your camera on. It makes such a difference and a huge positive impression, when people can see you.
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