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Each of our trainers has a wealth of knowledge and experience, but more importantly they are incredibly passionate about helping people get tangibly closer to achieving their goals. Our trainers are dynamic and engaging and they all offer a unique perspective!

We have an expansive network of brilliant trainers across the globe including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, UK and USA. Depending on your needs, we can source facilitators in a variety of additional locations.

We deliver our sessions in English and certain courses in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Melanie Staunton

Founder & CEO
Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Hong Kong
Specialties: • Presentation Skills • Pitching
• Women’s Leadership • Personal Brand
• Networking

Melanie’s driving force in her sessions is the desire to help people build confidence and get tangibly closer to achieving their goals. With a Law Degree and an extensive career as an actor in both New York and London, Melanie’s grasp of communication skills is both practical and analytical. Renowned for her captivating energy and charisma, Melanie ensures that every participant not only learns, but enjoys their training experience! Furthermore, Melanie’s facilitation style encourages discussion, with an emphasis on psychological safety. She has designed curriculums for major organisations and developed bespoke global programs for company off-sites both virtually and in-person. Additionally, Melanie has worked individually with CEO’s in the financial industry and the start up world, to enhance their pitching skills.

Serene Chen

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Singapore
Specialties: • Presentation Skills • Personal Impact • Diversity and Inter-Cultural
• Communication

Serene Chen is an award-winning bilingual theatre and film actress from Singapore. With her ease on and off stage, Serene has helped professionals develop their communication skills to benefit both their work and personal lives. For over 18 years, she has delivered courses on leadership and various aspects of people development for, amongst others, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, law firms, hospitals and NGOs. She has worked on a range of courses covering subjects such as presentation skills, personal impact, coaching, feedback, influencing, negotiation and interview skills. She has also worked extensively on programs looking at diversity and inter-cultural communication for a variety of clients.

Linda Sim

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Hong Kong
Specialties: • Executive Coaching • Sales
• Customer Experience
• Personal Effectiveness

With 25 years of experience Linda’s passion is to empower individuals, teams and organisations to grow and improve, reach their potential, identify goals and achieve their desired outcomes in a safe, positive environment. Prior to becoming an executive & business coach Linda worked with Cathay Pacific Airways for 20 years, both in the UK and in Hong Kong. For the last quarter of this tenure Linda helped top executives improve their leadership skills and achieve their required results. Linda is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an Accredited Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL) and a Committee Member of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community (HKICC).

Jai Day

Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Hong Kong / Los Angeles
Specialties: • Presentation Skills • Role-play • MC for events

For over a decade, Jai has worked as an Actor, Facilitator/Roleplayer and MC for corporate events in the U.S and across Asia. Combining skills nurtured through both his Psychology and Sociology degrees, as well as his experience as a professional actor, Jai has found a natural pairing of his talents when it comes to facilitation. When Jai isn’t facilitating, he can often be found teaching at the Acting studio he co-founded (The Actors Gym HK) and performing on stage or the big screen!

Mya Kwan

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Hong Kong
Specialties: • Empathy • Behaviour Mapping • Growth Mindset

Mya is a passionate facilitator and learning consultant with a mission to inspire and be inspired. She believes we are on a never-ending learning journey together and it is important to support people's development by providing platforms for them to reflect, connect, and learn. With an international background and certifications in multiple learning and development tools, Mya brings unique global perspectives to her work in diversity and inclusion, empathy, growth mindset, and various behavioral skills. She speaks English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Jacqueline Chow

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Singapore
Specialties: • Presentation Skills • Pitching
• Personal Brand • Storytelling • Diversity and Inclusion • Executive Coaching

With a Master of Science in Management degree and a career as a professional actress in theatre, television and film, over the last decade Jacqueline brings the experience of this unique background into her work as an executive coach and facilitator. 

Her sessions are dynamic and interactive, where the focus is on how to apply concepts using relevant work scenarios, rehearsals and role-play. Her participants have benefited immensely from this action orientated approach, gaining immediate feedback leading to shifts in behaviours.

Jacqueline has delivered programs regionally and in China on Diversity and Inclusion, Leaders as Allies, Presentation skills, Storytelling, Influencing Skills, Executive presence, Personal brand and Building Trust and Relationships.

She has experience in developing and delivering a variety of programs for companies including LinkedIn, AT Kearney, Boston Consulting Group, Bank of Singapore, GIC, Goldman Sacs, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, BNP Paribas, HSBC, OCBC, Accenture, UBS, Credit Suisse, BCG, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical, Netflix, TikTok, Lark Suites, Poh Heng Jewellery, Starry Homestead, Singex Holdings, China Medical Board and Zim.

Jacqueline speaks English and Mandarin and has an advanced certificate in Learning and Performance along with her coaching IECL Level 1 & 2.

Rob Lilwall

Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Singapore
Specialties: • Keynote Speaker

National Geographic TV Adventurer Rob Lilwall is a sought-after keynote speaker around the world. He has cycled and walked over 80,000 km of the world's land surface – from the frozen plains of Siberia, to the thick jungles of Papua New Guinea, to the lonely passes of Afghanistan. In his speeches, Rob transports his audiences into the world of adventure, while drawing powerful parallels with the challenges of the business world, and providing practical strategies to overcome them.

Laura Suzanne Bock

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: Dubai
Specialties: •Voice • Speech • Intonation • Expression • Projection • Breathing • Pronunciation

A voice and speech specialist, Laura studied her craft on the Voice Studies MA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Her work has led her to Hong Kong, and most recently to Dubai. Along with her love for musical theatre, Laura is passionate about promoting healthy voice use amongst everyday professionals. Laura helps clients to develop clarity, projection and tone in order to communicate their messages with maximum impact. Laura also has a great ear, for those wanting to focus on their pronunciation skills.

Ryan Siu

Pronouns: He/Him
Location: UK
Specialties: • Cyber Security • Simulated Cyber Attacks • Red teaming
• Penetration Testing

Ryan’s enthusiasm for problem solving and technical expertise led him to Cyber Security, where he has established himself as a leading information security professional with over 15 years of industry experience. As technical director of Wilbourne Ltd, he is passionate about helping organisations protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Ryan has led simulated cyber-attack activities across multiple industries including financial, telecommunications, retail, public and governmental sectors. He has achieved the highest level of excellence for internationally recognised penetration testing qualifications and was recently awarded a CREST Fellowship for his outstanding level of commitment to the information security industry.

Alexa Massingham

Pronouns: She/Her
Location: UK
Specialties: • Wellness • Resilience
• Mindfulness in the Workplace • Breath
• Desk Yoga

Alexa is our resident wellness specialist and brings years of experience and expertise to her sessions. She has always been passionate about helping people develop into healthy and happy individuals in order to thrive in life. Her company Mind Body Matters is the result of her experience working in education, training in mindfulness and yoga, combined with her Masters in Mental Health. She currently works with a variety of organisations in order to support them with integrating wellbeing into many different facets of the working environment. Alexa’s goal is to empower people to live happier and healthier lives.

Toby Sawyer

Pronouns: He/Him
Location: UK
Specialties: • Diversity and Inclusion
• Leadership • Feedback • Difficult Conversations

Toby has been working in corporate training since 1999. He has substantial experience of virtual and live facilitation, leading & running feedback sessions, courageous conversations, written and bespoke skills practice, and works regularly alongside training consultants to design and deliver learning programmes, with a particular focus on Inclusive Leadership. Toby facilitates high-level inclusive conversations virtually for global leaders around the world and has delivered programmes across the UK, Europe, the US and India, as well as Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Moscow, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

Shane Jolley

Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Australia
Specialties: • Presentation Skills
• Personal Brand • Networking • Voice
• Keynote Speaker

Shane is our resident Australian presenter extraordinaire! He is an extremely experienced presenter and voice over artist and has a passion for his craft that is truly palpable. A graduate from Melbourne’s Academy of Television, Shane’s natural talent has led him on a diverse trajectory, that has seen him cast as a host for many programs such as Plucka’s Place, Luxury Escapes and Roads Less Travelled. Additionally, Shane is a regular on the speaking circuit as a Corporate Presenter talking about all things “Travel” and “Living your best life.”

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