Core Sessions

Core Sessions

These are our core communication skills sessions. They can be delivered as small group workshops or talks for larger groups. All sessions can be delivered virtually or in person.

Presentation or Public Speaking Workshops

Presentation Preparation

Preparation is the key to success. Learn essential steps to effectively prepare for any presentation.

Present with Confidence

This course focuses on how to optimise body language, voice and content when presenting.

The Powerful Pitch

Elevate your pitch with this highly interactive and practical pitch clinic. Learn how to apply persuasive devices, hooks and memorable conclusions.

The Engaging Voice

Your voice is an incredibly powerful tool. Learn how to utilise it to the fullest and captivate your audience.

Perfecting The Virtual Platform

This course will ensure your virtual set up and delivery style are enhancing your performance on any platform.

The Captivating Storyteller

This session will help you understand the importance of storytelling, when to use it and where to start with crafting your own stories.

Embracing Q&A Sessions

Learn strategies for answering even the most challenging questions and how to improvise when caught off guard.

Interview Essentials

This session is all about knowing your strengths and preparing authentic examples to support your interview answers.

The Power of

The Power of Listening and Questions

Effective listening is one of the most important communication tools at our disposal. Learn methods to become the ultimate listener.

The Power of Language

Language can be used to empathise, collaborate, persuade and build credibility. In this course, we will explore different ways to utilise language for different objectives.

The Power of Effective Emails

This course highlights simple ways to make your emails clear, concise and serve your purpose.

The Power of Connections

This course is fun and interactive. Learn simple tips for starting conversations, asking questions and following up contacts.

The Power of Positivity

This session unlocks the hidden superpower of positivity and how you can become a person that inspires and uplifts those around you.

The Power of Trust

This session breaks down different types of trust and how to start building trust in your team, colleagues and managers.

The Power of Teamwork

This teambuilding session is fun, collaborative and helps teams get to know each other better.

Understanding Self

The Road To Becoming Self-Aware

One of the most challenging skills is to understand yourself and the impact you have on others.

The Female Talent Initiative

This junior level workshop explores certain challenges female talent may face in the workplace and investigates strategies to boost confidence and manage biases.

Unpacking Unconscious Bias

This course explores what bias is and how we can start to understand our own, in an effort to make more objective decisions.

The Productivity Experiment

This course is all about experimenting with different productivity techniques and seeing which works best for you.

First Impressions and Personal Brand

This session is all about understanding the impression you want to make and identifying actions and behaviours that will help you be perceived that way over time.

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

First steps – This session is for those wanting to learn about initial steps to assist with creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

After Establishing a D&I Work Culture

What’s next? This session is for leaders who want to maintain and develop diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Firm But Fair – The Key To Assertiveness

They Key To Assertiveness – This session explores how to combine logic and confidence in order to apply assertiveness effectively.

The Empathy Box

This session is all about unpacking empathy and understanding how this important skill can be used to benefit yourself and your team.

Feedback and Coaching

Feedback is an essential part of development and transparency. This session explores feedback models and coaching techniques that participants apply and practice in the session.

The Influencer Lab

This session focuses on understanding different personality styles and the key traits of a successful influencer.

The Difficult Conversation Dance

This session will explore methods for approaching challenging conversations and how to know when they are necessary.

Mastering Executive Presence

This session will identify the core qualities of people who exude presence and will explore techniques for building gravitas.


This session will bolster the confidence, credibility and presence of female talent. There will be discussion around the challenges that women specifically face in the workplace and strategies to overcome these hurdles.

Courses for
non-native English

Speak with confidence

This course provides key tools to build confidence when presenting, if English is not your native language.

Write with confidence

This course provides key tools to build confidence when writing, if English is not your native language.

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