Specialist Skills


Rest and Resilience

This session explores the importance of balance, adaptability and mindset when it comes to managing challenging situations.

Wellbeing When Working Remotely

This workshop explores different strategies for maintaining wellness when working remotely.

Wellbeing At The Office

This workshop explores different strategies for maintaining wellness, when working at the office.

Setting Boundaries

Saying no can sometimes feel impossible. This session focuses on how to set boundaries in different situations, in a way that maintains positive relationships.

Yoga Zone

This session is a great team builder and wellness booster. Learn how to do yoga at your desk and give your back some much-needed rejuvenation.

Revive and Reboot

This session is all about breathing, calming and soothing. A great session for anyone needing to reset and re-energise.

Emotional Fitness

 It is important to be mindful of the health of our body, mind and emotions. This session helps to bring awareness to how we are feeling and tools for checking in with others and ourselves.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Understanding how to protect yourself online is essential. This workshop helps employees learn what they can do to safeguard themselves and their organisations.

Think Like A Hacker

This session delves into the mind of an elite hacker and gives participants an introduction to penetration testing.

Cyber Crisis Management

This workshop explores the critical decisions that an organisation faces when confronted with a cyber-attack. This workshop will explore what steps to have in place and cyber-attack management strategies.

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